Lease Options with Realtors

How can you do them? Question: First, I’d like to thank you for doing the coaching webinar series, they have been very helpful so far. I got a call from a seller who has very little (if any) equity, so I was planning to do a ...


  THE BENEFITS OF OWNING A MOBILE HOME PARK     When you drive by a mobile home park, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the popular movie “8-Mile” starring Eminem? Or that article you read about the guy who kept sex ...

You Need to Become an Equity Builder

In today's society unfortunately there are too many people that live for today and don' t focus on the long term or building equity.   This is something as Real Estate investors you must do – you must build equity. Equity is not just equity in your ...

Real Estate Investing – “Basis” Explained

Our complex IRS code requires that your, as a real estate investor, accurately calculate your "basis" in investment property when reporting a gain or loss on a tax return. Your monetary gain or loss when you sell investment property is determined by comparing the sale price to the adjusted basis in the property.

Develop And Grow Your Lead Generating System And Watch Your Wealth Increase

Develop And Grow Your Lead Generating System And Watch Your Wealth Increase By Mike Coraluzzi One of the hardest parts of real estate investing is getting the exclusive hot lead or motivated seller to contact you. Normally, finding the deals requires a large amount of time, ...

Why Buying and Holding Isn’t What It Used To Be by Sean Carpenter

Sean Carpenter is an expert when it comes to getting government funding. His tips and tricks can help make buying and holding profitable again.

Be an Ultimate Property Analyzer

Larry Goins shares some great information on how to become an expert and analyzing property.

Wholesaling – With Nearly No Risk vs. Long Term Real Estate

Learn to Wholesale without the risks of long term Real Estate,

Buying Bank Owned Foreclosures by the Dozen

Mark Walters offers great information on how to begin buying bank owned foreclosures by the dozen

Probate Investing is a Great Area to Focus On

There are several areas of focus that you can take as an investor, wholesaling, foreclosures, subject-to and many other variations, but one that is often over looked is probate investing. This is one area that more investors should investigate and look at jumping into.

What is probate?

Probate is the process by which legal title of property is transferred from the deceased estate to his or her beneficiaries. This is where the court will decide who gets the property and assets of the deceased.

Real Estate 101 – Always Buy Right

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I read once that the great football coach Vince Lombardi would start each football season by holding up the ball and saying, “this is a football.” A very basic statement when his audience was professional athletes that most likely knew ...

Flipping Houses in a Down Market

Learn what causes a down market and how to still successfully flip houses in a bad market

Why Real Estate Marketing Fails Too Often

“Real estate marketing,” especially in real estate investor marketing, is an essential ingredient to finding motivated sellers and potential deals. If you don’t spend the time and money doing it correctly, you have just wasted your time and money! Find out ways to improve your marketing efforts!

How to Avoid Training Your Competition

As a foreclosure investor have you trained your competition by accident and then lost your help and created competition? Find out how to effectively manage this and not train your competitors

Foreclosure Short Sales and the Tooth Fairy

Author: Mark Walters For the last two years the real estate short sale has been a popular topic of conversation with investors as well as home buyers and sellers. Yes, but is the idea of a short sale much like kissing a frog with the hope ...

Top 10 Insurance Myths for the Real Estate Investor

Author Tim Norris Insurance is the one thing for which we pay that we never want to use.  However, in the event you need it, you certainly want to be properly protected.  The points presented here should hopefully allow you to grasp a few of the ...

Tax Liens and Tax Deeds – Basics for Success

By Darius M Barazandeh, J.D., M.B.A. We have all heard the stories and heard the claims about tax foreclosure sales. You know the stories where someone purchases a house or property for $1,000 dollars with a true market value of $50,000. They then turn around and ...

The Real Impact of Monthly Cash Flow !

The Real Impact of Monthly Cash Flow ! Author Anesia Springborn I make a big deal out of increasing your monthly cash flow, and so should you. It’s important to understand the real implications of this because they are huge. Many landlords think the extra $100 ...

Time is Money For Real Estate Investors – by Derek Pierce

A popular phrase is that time is money. I’m sure you’ve heard that – right? Well let me ask you something, if time is money, then how are you investing your time in your real estate investment business? Is it a profitable investment? Are you doing ...

Mastering One of the Hardest Parts of RE Investing : Getting The Great Lead

Author: Mike Coraluzzi Real estate investing has become a very “in” thing for most people to do because it makes so much sense. As a result of this demand, there are dozens of real estate books and courses for new and existing real estate investors to ...

“What the heck is Probate Real Estate?”

Author: Ron Mead One afternoon about three months ago, my phone rang and the guy on the other end said, “Are you Ron Mead?” “I am”, I replied. “OK, then tell me what the heck is Probate Real Estate?” Since I have received this question in ...

Subject-To Investing

Real Estate can be purchased many ways. One of those ways is subject-to, but what is subject-to? Find out more now in this post.