Tools to investigate for Time Management and Productivity

One topic that seems to be very popular with Real Estate Investors and Business Owners in general is Time Management and Productivity. Over the last several years I feel that I have gotten a lot better about managing my time and being more productive, however this is something that I am always trying to improve on and sometimes I slip up and spend too much time on tasks that don’t move me closer to my goals.

More Resources for selecting a niche with hungry buyers

As I share more information on how to get started with Internet Marketing I wanted to share a couple of additional resources today that you can use to get ideas for niches that will be popular.

Creating a Prosperous Lifestyle

Creating a Prosperous Lifestyle   Since we focus a lot of wealth creation topics here at Real Estate Success Link I wanted to take a minute to share some information on creating a prosperous lifestyle. I began thinking about writing this post after reading a post ...

Selecting a Niche with a hungry audience

When you venture into Internet Marketing it is key to select a niche that has a hungry audience that will seek the information you share and the products and services you offer. Without a hungry audience you more than likely will not have enough traffic to your site to make any sales – and if you do have traffic if there is not enough demand then you will not be able to generate enough revenue to make any money online.

Internet Marketing – Picking a Niche

Internet Marketing – Picking a Niche This post continues the focus on Internet Marketing as another revenue stream to add to your wealth building activities. Today I want to talk about what a Niche is and how to go about picking one to focus on.  In ...

Internet Marketing – a Great Revenue Stream

  Internet Marketing – a Great Revenue Stream   I wanted to take a minute today and begin to talk a little bit about Internet Marketing and how this can be a great revenue stream to add to your wealth building activities. One thing that I ...

Be Aware – Scams on Craigslist happen

Be Aware – Scams on Craigslist happen As a Real Estate Investor Craigslist is a great tool to use in your marketing efforts. It is a wonderful tool for both marketing your properties for sale or rent as well as for looking for properties to purchase. You to ...

Why Real Estate Investors Should Use Blogs

Blogs are great for providing commentary or news on particular subjects such as news, sport, hobbies or music. In general a typical blog will combine text, images, videos and links to other blogs or web pages related to the topic. One feature that is important that blogs have ...

Success Tips – How to be a 100% Success

Success Tips – How to be a 100% Success  Success is something that we strive for in everything we do.  This can be success as a parent, as a husband or wife, friend, etc as well as success in Real Estate and other business ventures. I ...

How do I find Facebook Pages to Like and Follow

How do I find Facebook pages that I want to like One question I have seen a lot from fellow investors as well as business owners is how do I find pages on Facebook that I want to “Like” and follow – especially if I don’t ...

Trick out your Facebook Profile with this great application


Goal Setting   Now that we are in the first week of 2011 a hot topic floating around on a lot of other blogs I read has been the topic of goals. This is the time that everyone focuses on what your plans and goals are for ...

Social Media – Using Blogs in your Real Estate Business

The Real Estate market has changed and you must start using the proper tools to remain competitive. Social Media is a tool you must use, this post covers using blogs in your strategy.

Webinar on how to get 3 to 4 times the market rent and generate some serious cash flow

Alf and Jeanie Gizzo have found a niche that will allow investors to obtain 3 to 4 times the typical market rent on a property and do so without a lot of the typical hassles of being a landlord. I had the opportunity to meet with ...

Learn how to get 3 to 4 times more rent on your single family properties

Alf and Jeanie Gizzo with Earth Walker Properties have keyed in to a special niche over the last couple of years that has allowed them to generate 3 to 4 times more rent than normal on single family properties.  Needless to say this has resulted in ...

*Video training* How you can buy land for pennies (or less)

My friend Jack Bosch has a system he uses that allows him to buy and sell 30-40 properties each month. He has released a video on how he does this and it is availble to watch now! Click HERE and Watch the video now

Stimulus Funds Being Dished Out With Little Competition

My good friend Sean Carpenter shared this great bit of information with me about how there are funds available for Real Estate Investors.  I wanted to make sure that you saw it as well as remind you that Sean has agreed to do a call with ...

How To STOP Being A Person That NOTHING Seems To Work For

How To STOP Being A Person That NOTHING Seems To Work For by Bob Doyle Do you ever wonder why great things happen to some people but not to you? Do you ever read about people who have tried this or that product and had some ...

Why Buying and Holding Isn’t What It Used To Be by Sean Carpenter

Sean Carpenter is an expert when it comes to getting government funding. His tips and tricks can help make buying and holding profitable again.

100 Day Challenge is a great way to get a jump start on your goals

100 Days of intensive focus can help you achieve your goals. Watch the video and take the challenge today.

Buying Bank Owned Foreclosures by the Dozen

Mark Walters offers great information on how to begin buying bank owned foreclosures by the dozen

Using Twitter for research – Listening for Opportunities

Twitter is a great resource and can be used to listen for opportunities