Be Aware – Scams on Craigslist happen

Be Aware – Scams on Craigslist happen As a Real Estate Investor Craigslist is a great tool to use in your marketing efforts. It is a wonderful tool for both marketing your properties for sale or rent as well as for looking for properties to purchase. You to ...

You Need to Become an Equity Builder

In today's society unfortunately there are too many people that live for today and don' t focus on the long term or building equity.   This is something as Real Estate investors you must do – you must build equity. Equity is not just equity in your ...

Stimulus Funds Being Dished Out With Little Competition

My good friend Sean Carpenter shared this great bit of information with me about how there are funds available for Real Estate Investors.  I wanted to make sure that you saw it as well as remind you that Sean has agreed to do a call with ...

The buyers are back

If we look the market leaves some powerful clues for us. If you look around you should start to see some powerful clues that now is really the like to get back in the game. Find out more about the clues and what you should do with them.

Negotiation skills are very important to a Real Estate Investor

It is important for Real Estate Investors to have strong negotiation skills. Find out more on how to improve your skills.

What would you tell a new investor to do to get started

I have been thinking a lot lately on what I would do differently in starting to invest and what I would tell new investors if the were thinking about getting started. In looking back I think the biggest change I would have made is to have ...

Are you working with a homeowner with a Chase Mortgage?

If you are currently working with a homeonwer that has a Chase Mortgage on either a Short Sale or on a Loan Modification your changes of getting an approval may have just increased. On 10/31/2008 Chase announced that they are strengthening programs to keep families in ...

This will help you move those fix-n-flips to first time home buyers

There are now relaxed rules that will allow you to move your fix and flips to first time home buyers - find out more

Do you have a horror story to share ???

Real Estate Investing can be a wonderful industry - but it does come with some risk. Lear of some horror stories that have impacted others and how you can learn from these mistakes.

Are you taking advantage of the great deals out there ???

There are deals out there - it is time to find out how to find them and take advantage of them.

Why Short Sales

Learn why short sales are a good strategy to focus on for making money in real estate.

Where is the best place to buy foreclosed property ???

Buying foreclosed properties can be very profitable - but knowing where to purchase them is important. This post gives some great insight on where to purchase

Do you understand what the credit crisis means

We are currently in a credit crisis they say, but what does that really mean and how does that impact you?