Interesting Chart – Detroit Home Prices on the Rise

Interesting Chart – Detroit Home Prices on the Rise   I stumbled upon this chart today that shows that housing prices are on the rise in the Detroit Michigan area. I found this to be interesting, especially since I have done some investing in Michigan over the ...

Man bites Wells Fargo — A case of the little guy winning

FHA extends “Anti-Flipping “ Rule into 2011

FHA extends “Anti-Flipping “  Rule into 2011 In a hope to accelerate the resale of homes that have been foreclosed on FHA has extended the “Anti-Flipping” Rule through the remainder of 2011. The will allow the FHA regulation that prohibits insuring a mortgage on a home ...

The Top 10 Most Searched Markets

The Top 10 Most Searched Markets As investors in today’s digital world we have many tools available to us online to research and search for potential properties that we wish to acquire.  There are also many tools available to us that allow us to get an ...

Fewer Short Sales Are Coming Up Short

This is an article that I wanted to share with anyone doing Short Sales.    It gives some hope that it may start to be easier to get them through. The article is from the San Francisco Chronicle. Fewer Short Sales Are Coming Up Short San Francisco ...

A good read for any Short Sale Investor – Lenders Warned to Watch Out for Short Sale Scams

I had this article come across my desk last week from a contact I have in loss mitigation.  I thought that it was a great read for any Short Sale Investor. It is just something to be aware of and be cautious in structuring your deals. ...

Real Estate Flippers Back in South Florida; This Time They Could Help

Investors have started to come back to Florida and this time they may be able to help with the issues - take a look.

It looks like the market is starting to recover

The laws of supply and demand seem to be balancing out the Real Estate market. Inventories in many cities are beginning to decline - does it mean that now is the time to jump back in if you haven't already?

Now We Know Who to Blame

Have you been looking for someone to blame for the financial crisis? Now you have a list of 25 people to blame.

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

The new Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan will help millions of homeowners refinance out of risky and high interest loans. Find out more

Great Success Story of a Vallejo Real Estate Investor Marketing Rent-2-Own Homes

I am sure that if you have been around Real Estate investing for any period of time you have heard of Lease Optitions – aka – Rent-2-Own and many of you may have used this strategy for filling your properties.  This is one of my favorite ...

Top News and Posts for the week ending 1/17/2009

Top News and Blog Posts for the week News Real Estate Advice for Sun Valley – Hang on till 2012 Real Estate Professional Predict Strong Tri-Cities Market in 2009 Richmond mayor to look at use of surplus real estate Fed gives Colorado $34 million for foreclosures ...

Hot News and Posts for week ending 1/10/2009

Welcome to 2009 and the first list of hot News and Posts for 2009. Here are the top News and Posts that I came across last week: Hot News: Lease Options May becoming more popular in today’s market Radical Cheap $1,000 homes Citi Backs Foreclosure Prevention ...

The hot posts and news for the week will return the first week in January

Hot News and Tips will return in January

Have you seen the 60 minute presentation on the next wave of foreclosures

Watch the 60 minute news presentation on the next wave of foreclosures

Top News and Posts for the week ending 12/19/2008

Catch up on the hottest Real Estate News and Blog Posts for the week at the source for Real Estate Investors Real Estate Success Link

Is Fannie entering into the rental business??

It looks like Fannie Mae has decided not to throw the renters out -- are they entering into the rental business ?

News and Blog Posts Week ending 12/12/08

Real Estate Success Link profiles the best and hottest news and blog posts for investors - check it out now

Did you hear that someone stole the Empire State Building

I wanted to share something with yout today that I came across the other day.  The Empire State Building was stolen - yes you read that correctly it was truly stolen.  The ownership was stolen. The New Your Daily News stole the building by drawing up ...

Top News and Blog Posts for the week ending 12-5-08

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Hot Posts and News for the Week ending 11/28/08

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying your long week-end.  If you were brave enough to face the traffic today on Black Friday I also hope that you were successful in getting the products you were looking for.  I lucked out, after ...

It looks like lenders are giving struggling home owners a break

As we approach the holiday season and the end of a year where foreclosuers have been through the roof it appears that some lenders are giving home owners a break. I have noticed over the last couple of weeks a lot of news coming out on ...

Hot Posts and News for the week ending 11/21/08

I hope you all had a fabulous week and were successful in your Real Estate Investing and other efforts to put your financial house in order and move to financial independence. Here are my top posts and news stories that I read this week and found ...

Top Posts and News of the week

Top News in Real Estate for the week as well as top blog posts

Fannie and Freddie were bailed out this week-end

I am sure by now you saw the news of what ocured this week-end….. The Government now owns Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If you haven’t here is a clip from the AP on what has happened: There are a lot of reactions on this event ...

Fannie Mae To Open Satellite Offices To Liquidate Bank-Owned Properties : Strategies of the Condo Vultures®

I came across this blog post this morning and wanted to share it with you. It looks like Fannie Mae is working on liquidating some of the Bank-Owned Properties that it has at this time. It looks like Fannie Mae is getting ready to clean out ...

Some Positve News for the market

I wanted to share a bit of positive news today for the market. Unfortunately, over the last several months there has been a lot of doom and gloom over the housing market, unemployment, business conditions and other economic issues.  So — today it is time for ...

How the housing rescue bill can help you

Housing Bills are needed to deal with the number of foreclosures. Find out how the new housing bill can help you

Where is the Market Really At

The up and down ride in real estate has been a wild one and makes it tough to determine where the market truly is. There are however some indicators that may help you determine a good idea what is going on in the market.

Vulture real estate investors swoop in – Jul. 2, 2008

Virtual Real Estate investing is something that is still alive and well and many are making a good living from this. Find out more today on how this is still a viable option for investing.

Shaq wants to help with your foreclosure

Do you know Shaq O'Neal? Well Shaq wants a piece of the action in the foreclosure market. Find out more about what he is doing to grab a piece of the pie.

Some Market news for you

To stay up on the Real Estate Market it is important to keep a pulse on the Market News. Learn some of the latest news now.

America’s Riskiest Real Estate Markets

Real Estate investing is a great way to build wealth but it does come with risk. Find out some of the riskiest markets so that you can manage your risk.

College Towns are a smart place to invest

Investing in College towns can be a great way to generate a lot of cash flow and have your properties pay for themselves over time.

Denver-area market catching Steam

Denver Colorado was one of the first markets to hit the foreclosure crisis and may now be one of the first to come out of the crisis. Read more to find out if Denver is a market worth considering at this time