How do I find Facebook Pages to Like and Follow

How do I find Facebook pages that I want to like One question I have seen a lot from fellow investors as well as business owners is how do I find pages on Facebook that I want to “Like” and follow – especially if I don’t ...

Trick out your Facebook Profile with this great application

How to use Twitter in Your Real Estate Investing

Social Media – Using Blogs in your Real Estate Business

The Real Estate market has changed and you must start using the proper tools to remain competitive. Social Media is a tool you must use, this post covers using blogs in your strategy.

Social Media and Social Networking

I am sure that you have been hearing a lot lately about Social Networking and Social Media and how it can help establish you as an expert and drive business to you ….. well this is a very true statement. Some of you know this already ...

10 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Use Social Media

Learn 10 Ways that Real Estate Investors can start to use Social Media to be successful and find and close more deals.

Using Twitter for research – Listening for Opportunities

Twitter is a great resource and can be used to listen for opportunities

Getting noticed is important in your Social Networking

I wanted to share this great post from Jeremiah Owyang’ s site today on how to get noticed. As you start using Social Networking in your business it is important to get noticed and start attracting others to you. He shares some great information on ...

Why you should be using Social Networking in your business

The other day I shared a video with you that provided a good overview of what Social Networking is and how it works. Today I want to begin to go a little more in depth into Social Networking, and why you need to be looking at ...

Have you harnessed the power of Twitter?

Today I wanted to share some more information on Social Networking and share an article on Twitter that is posted at ars Technica  . The article is called Twitter: Far more than “what I had for lunch today”.  In reading it for me it just reinforced ...

Using Social Networking to build your Real Estate Business

If you have been on the internet for any period of time I am sure you have heard of Social Networking — but have you thought about how you can use this to build your Real Estate Investing business ? If you haven’t maybe now is ...