Successful Real Estate Investing Tips

2-635x350 Real Estate Investing find the best online casinos is a great vehicle to use on your path to financial freedom, however it can also be a bit scary.  It is important to make the right decisions on the properties you select to invest in.  This video ...

Interesting Chart – Detroit Home Prices on the Rise

Interesting Chart – Detroit Home Prices on the Rise   I stumbled upon this chart today that shows that housing prices are on the rise in the Detroit Michigan area. I found this to be interesting, especially since I have done some investing in Michigan over the ...

Online Brainstorming Applications

As you build your wealth in Real Estate and other ventures often you will need to brainstorm a new idea and make sure that it is a sound approach – or you may need to brainstorm how to grow your current project or idea. Here are ...

Lease Options with Realtors

How can you do them? Question: First, I’d like to thank you for doing the coaching webinar series, they have been very helpful so far. I got a call from a seller who has very little (if any) equity, so I was planning to do a ...


  THE BENEFITS OF OWNING A MOBILE HOME PARK     When you drive by a mobile home park, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the popular movie “8-Mile” starring Eminem? Or that article you read about the guy who kept sex ...

Productivity – What tools do you use?

    Productivity – What tools do you use?   Increasing productivity is something that everyone strives for.  When you are able to increase your productivity you are able to accomplish more, often earn more, have more free time and increase your quality of life. Today ...

Wealth Creation – Is it really about the money?

Wealth Creation – Is it really about the money? I have touched on this topic before, but I want to revisit it. Is creating wealth about the money or what it can provide you?  At one time my husband and business partner focused very heavily on ...

Tech Tip – How to Create a Panoramic Picture for your listings – From your Cell Phone

  Tech Tip – How to Create a Panoramic Picture for your listings – From your Cell Phone This morning I was browsing ActiveRain and reading a few of the blogs on there.   A lot of the blogs are geared towards Real Estate Agents, however there ...

Increase Brain power with scents

  Improve your brain power with aromatherapy  I came across this blog post the other day from Life Hacker that I wanted to share.  It is about how scents can increase brain power.  I am not sure if you have ever experienced a different mood or ...

How you manage stress can have a direct impact on your business

In today’s fast paced world it can often be hard to manage stress.  We all have several demands in our everyday life that often make it hard to stay focused and manage all of the   stresses that are encountered each day.  It is however very important ...

Affiliate Marketing Top 10 Commandments

  We have been talking a lot about finding a niche to launch your Internet Marketing business in lately.  Once you have picked a niche to focus on then you will need to monetize this niche and begin making money. One way to make money is ...

Internet Marketing – Review About Steve Iser and His New Commission Crusher Program

Since we have been talking a lot about Internet Marketing and finding niches with hungry buyers I wanted to take a minute and let you know about a new program that has become quite popular online that allows you to find profitable affiliate campaigns online and ...

Tools to investigate for Time Management and Productivity

One topic that seems to be very popular with Real Estate Investors and Business Owners in general is Time Management and Productivity. Over the last several years I feel that I have gotten a lot better about managing my time and being more productive, however this is something that I am always trying to improve on and sometimes I slip up and spend too much time on tasks that don’t move me closer to my goals.

More Resources for selecting a niche with hungry buyers

As I share more information on how to get started with Internet Marketing I wanted to share a couple of additional resources today that you can use to get ideas for niches that will be popular.

Creating a Prosperous Lifestyle

Creating a Prosperous Lifestyle   Since we focus a lot of wealth creation topics here at Real Estate Success Link I wanted to take a minute to share some information on creating a prosperous lifestyle. I began thinking about writing this post after reading a post ...

Selecting a Niche with a hungry audience

When you venture into Internet Marketing it is key to select a niche that has a hungry audience that will seek the information you share and the products and services you offer. Without a hungry audience you more than likely will not have enough traffic to your site to make any sales – and if you do have traffic if there is not enough demand then you will not be able to generate enough revenue to make any money online.

Man bites Wells Fargo — A case of the little guy winning

Internet Marketing – Picking a Niche

Internet Marketing – Picking a Niche This post continues the focus on Internet Marketing as another revenue stream to add to your wealth building activities. Today I want to talk about what a Niche is and how to go about picking one to focus on.  In ...

Internet Marketing – a Great Revenue Stream

  Internet Marketing – a Great Revenue Stream   I wanted to take a minute today and begin to talk a little bit about Internet Marketing and how this can be a great revenue stream to add to your wealth building activities. One thing that I ...

FHA extends “Anti-Flipping “ Rule into 2011

FHA extends “Anti-Flipping “  Rule into 2011 In a hope to accelerate the resale of homes that have been foreclosed on FHA has extended the “Anti-Flipping” Rule through the remainder of 2011. The will allow the FHA regulation that prohibits insuring a mortgage on a home ...

How Gary V works

Some of you know that I am addicted to Social Media and any information regarding the topic.  This being the case Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the top people I love to follow.  If you haven't read it his book Crush It is a must read. ...

Be Aware – Scams on Craigslist happen

Be Aware – Scams on Craigslist happen As a Real Estate Investor Craigslist is a great tool to use in your marketing efforts. It is a wonderful tool for both marketing your properties for sale or rent as well as for looking for properties to purchase. You to ...

Why Real Estate Investors Should Use Blogs

Blogs are great for providing commentary or news on particular subjects such as news, sport, hobbies or music. In general a typical blog will combine text, images, videos and links to other blogs or web pages related to the topic. One feature that is important that blogs have ...

The Top 10 Most Searched Markets

The Top 10 Most Searched Markets As investors in today’s digital world we have many tools available to us online to research and search for potential properties that we wish to acquire.  There are also many tools available to us that allow us to get an ...

Success Tips – How to be a 100% Success

Success Tips – How to be a 100% Success  Success is something that we strive for in everything we do.  This can be success as a parent, as a husband or wife, friend, etc as well as success in Real Estate and other business ventures. I ...

How do I find Facebook Pages to Like and Follow

How do I find Facebook pages that I want to like One question I have seen a lot from fellow investors as well as business owners is how do I find pages on Facebook that I want to “Like” and follow – especially if I don’t ...

Trick out your Facebook Profile with this great application


Goal Setting   Now that we are in the first week of 2011 a hot topic floating around on a lot of other blogs I read has been the topic of goals. This is the time that everyone focuses on what your plans and goals are for ...

You Need to Become an Equity Builder

In today's society unfortunately there are too many people that live for today and don' t focus on the long term or building equity.   This is something as Real Estate investors you must do – you must build equity. Equity is not just equity in your ...

How do you look at your Goals

How do you look at your Goals   Now that 2011 is here I am sure most of us are taking time to evaluate our goals that we want to accomplish this year. I know I have spent a little bit of time each day over the ...

How to use Twitter in Your Real Estate Investing

Social Media – Using Blogs in your Real Estate Business

The Real Estate market has changed and you must start using the proper tools to remain competitive. Social Media is a tool you must use, this post covers using blogs in your strategy.

Webinar on how to get 3 to 4 times the market rent and generate some serious cash flow

Alf and Jeanie Gizzo have found a niche that will allow investors to obtain 3 to 4 times the typical market rent on a property and do so without a lot of the typical hassles of being a landlord. I had the opportunity to meet with ...

Learn how to get 3 to 4 times more rent on your single family properties

Alf and Jeanie Gizzo with Earth Walker Properties have keyed in to a special niche over the last couple of years that has allowed them to generate 3 to 4 times more rent than normal on single family properties.  Needless to say this has resulted in ...

Social Media and Social Networking

I am sure that you have been hearing a lot lately about Social Networking and Social Media and how it can help establish you as an expert and drive business to you ….. well this is a very true statement. Some of you know this already ...

*Video training* How you can buy land for pennies (or less)

My friend Jack Bosch has a system he uses that allows him to buy and sell 30-40 properties each month. He has released a video on how he does this and it is availble to watch now! Click HERE and Watch the video now

Real Estate Investing – “Basis” Explained

Our complex IRS code requires that your, as a real estate investor, accurately calculate your "basis" in investment property when reporting a gain or loss on a tax return. Your monetary gain or loss when you sell investment property is determined by comparing the sale price to the adjusted basis in the property.

Checking Your Credit Score as a Real Estate Investor

Checking Your Credit Score as a Real Estate Investor By Julie Broad If you’ve ever dealt with a collections agency you know that you are considered guilty until you prove your innocence. I was reminded of this recently when I received a call from an agency. ...

Fewer Short Sales Are Coming Up Short

This is an article that I wanted to share with anyone doing Short Sales.    It gives some hope that it may start to be easier to get them through. The article is from the San Francisco Chronicle. Fewer Short Sales Are Coming Up Short San Francisco ...

Stimulus Funds Being Dished Out With Little Competition

My good friend Sean Carpenter shared this great bit of information with me about how there are funds available for Real Estate Investors.  I wanted to make sure that you saw it as well as remind you that Sean has agreed to do a call with ...

A good read for any Short Sale Investor – Lenders Warned to Watch Out for Short Sale Scams

I had this article come across my desk last week from a contact I have in loss mitigation.  I thought that it was a great read for any Short Sale Investor. It is just something to be aware of and be cautious in structuring your deals. ...

Real Estate Flippers Back in South Florida; This Time They Could Help

Investors have started to come back to Florida and this time they may be able to help with the issues - take a look.

How To STOP Being A Person That NOTHING Seems To Work For

How To STOP Being A Person That NOTHING Seems To Work For by Bob Doyle Do you ever wonder why great things happen to some people but not to you? Do you ever read about people who have tried this or that product and had some ...

Develop And Grow Your Lead Generating System And Watch Your Wealth Increase

Develop And Grow Your Lead Generating System And Watch Your Wealth Increase By Mike Coraluzzi One of the hardest parts of real estate investing is getting the exclusive hot lead or motivated seller to contact you. Normally, finding the deals requires a large amount of time, ...

Why Buying and Holding Isn’t What It Used To Be by Sean Carpenter

Sean Carpenter is an expert when it comes to getting government funding. His tips and tricks can help make buying and holding profitable again.

10 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Use Social Media

Learn 10 Ways that Real Estate Investors can start to use Social Media to be successful and find and close more deals.

Be an Ultimate Property Analyzer

Larry Goins shares some great information on how to become an expert and analyzing property.

100 Day Challenge is a great way to get a jump start on your goals

100 Days of intensive focus can help you achieve your goals. Watch the video and take the challenge today.

Tax Liens and Tax Deeds – Basics for Success

Tax Liens and Tax Deeds – Basics for Success By: Darius M. Barazandeh, Attorney at Law / M.B.A. We have all heard the stories and heard the claims about tax foreclosure sales. You know the stories where someone purchases a house or property for $1,000 dollars ...

Wholesaling – With Nearly No Risk vs. Long Term Real Estate

Learn to Wholesale without the risks of long term Real Estate,

Buying Bank Owned Foreclosures by the Dozen

Mark Walters offers great information on how to begin buying bank owned foreclosures by the dozen

The buyers are back

If we look the market leaves some powerful clues for us. If you look around you should start to see some powerful clues that now is really the like to get back in the game. Find out more about the clues and what you should do with them.

It looks like the market is starting to recover

The laws of supply and demand seem to be balancing out the Real Estate market. Inventories in many cities are beginning to decline - does it mean that now is the time to jump back in if you haven't already?

Setting Your Goals – Easier Said, Easily Done

Setting goals is an important part of your overall success as a Real Estate investor. Take time out to find out about goals and how you can set them and achieve them,

Tips For Surviving a Recession

Being financially smart is one of the top items you must do to be a successful Real Estate Investor. Dave the Debt Doctor shares some important tips that you can use to continue to be financially smart and build a stronger financial foundation by surviving a recession.

Now We Know Who to Blame

Have you been looking for someone to blame for the financial crisis? Now you have a list of 25 people to blame.

Probate Investing is a Great Area to Focus On

There are several areas of focus that you can take as an investor, wholesaling, foreclosures, subject-to and many other variations, but one that is often over looked is probate investing. This is one area that more investors should investigate and look at jumping into.

What is probate?

Probate is the process by which legal title of property is transferred from the deceased estate to his or her beneficiaries. This is where the court will decide who gets the property and assets of the deceased.

Real Estate 101 – Always Buy Right

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I read once that the great football coach Vince Lombardi would start each football season by holding up the ball and saying, “this is a football.” A very basic statement when his audience was professional athletes that most likely knew ...

3 Simple Steps to a Debt Free Life

Getting your finances in order and eliminating debt is a critical step to success. Eliminating consumer debt will set you on the right track to be a stable real estate investor

Flipping Houses in a Down Market

Learn what causes a down market and how to still successfully flip houses in a bad market

Why Real Estate Marketing Fails Too Often

“Real estate marketing,” especially in real estate investor marketing, is an essential ingredient to finding motivated sellers and potential deals. If you don’t spend the time and money doing it correctly, you have just wasted your time and money! Find out ways to improve your marketing efforts!

Using Twitter for research – Listening for Opportunities

Twitter is a great resource and can be used to listen for opportunities

Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

The new Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan will help millions of homeowners refinance out of risky and high interest loans. Find out more

Having Proper Forms is very important for your investing career

The proper forms for Real Estate will make or break you. These forms will put you on the right track.

Do you have the right tools to get accurate housing comps

In today's market you need to have accurate comps. Find several tools that you can use to get the correct comps...

How to Avoid Training Your Competition

As a foreclosure investor have you trained your competition by accident and then lost your help and created competition? Find out how to effectively manage this and not train your competitors

Great Success Story of a Vallejo Real Estate Investor Marketing Rent-2-Own Homes

I am sure that if you have been around Real Estate investing for any period of time you have heard of Lease Optitions – aka – Rent-2-Own and many of you may have used this strategy for filling your properties.  This is one of my favorite ...

Foreclosure Short Sales and the Tooth Fairy

Author: Mark Walters For the last two years the real estate short sale has been a popular topic of conversation with investors as well as home buyers and sellers. Yes, but is the idea of a short sale much like kissing a frog with the hope ...

Than Merrill gives away FREE Training that you can’t miss

I am not sure if you have heard of Than Merrill or not, but he is from A&E’s Flip This House and is a wealth of information. He has just recently released some training for FREE that is wonderful.  He covers How to Transform Google Into ...

Top 10 Insurance Myths for the Real Estate Investor

Author Tim Norris Insurance is the one thing for which we pay that we never want to use.  However, in the event you need it, you certainly want to be properly protected.  The points presented here should hopefully allow you to grasp a few of the ...

If you have been knocked down – don’t give up

This message is for anyone that has been struggling in Real Estate over the last year or so.  Things have been tough for some and I know that this has caused a lot of investors to become afraid and not want to be involved in Real ...

Tax Liens and Tax Deeds – Basics for Success

By Darius M Barazandeh, J.D., M.B.A. We have all heard the stories and heard the claims about tax foreclosure sales. You know the stories where someone purchases a house or property for $1,000 dollars with a true market value of $50,000. They then turn around and ...

The Real Impact of Monthly Cash Flow !

The Real Impact of Monthly Cash Flow ! Author Anesia Springborn I make a big deal out of increasing your monthly cash flow, and so should you. It’s important to understand the real implications of this because they are huge. Many landlords think the extra $100 ...

Time is Money For Real Estate Investors – by Derek Pierce

A popular phrase is that time is money. I’m sure you’ve heard that – right? Well let me ask you something, if time is money, then how are you investing your time in your real estate investment business? Is it a profitable investment? Are you doing ...

What type of marketing material do you have? Would you like to add a CNN style video staring you?

As a Real Estate Investor marketing is a very crucial part of your business.  In today’s market this marketing can take on many forms and should to allow you to be successful.  One marketing strategy that creates a lot of success is using video. I came ...

Mastering One of the Hardest Parts of RE Investing : Getting The Great Lead

Author: Mike Coraluzzi Real estate investing has become a very “in” thing for most people to do because it makes so much sense. As a result of this demand, there are dozens of real estate books and courses for new and existing real estate investors to ...

“What the heck is Probate Real Estate?”

Author: Ron Mead One afternoon about three months ago, my phone rang and the guy on the other end said, “Are you Ron Mead?” “I am”, I replied. “OK, then tell me what the heck is Probate Real Estate?” Since I have received this question in ...

Top News and Posts for the week ending 1/17/2009

Top News and Blog Posts for the week News Real Estate Advice for Sun Valley – Hang on till 2012 Real Estate Professional Predict Strong Tri-Cities Market in 2009 Richmond mayor to look at use of surplus real estate Fed gives Colorado $34 million for foreclosures ...

Hot News and Posts for week ending 1/10/2009

Welcome to 2009 and the first list of hot News and Posts for 2009. Here are the top News and Posts that I came across last week: Hot News: Lease Options May becoming more popular in today’s market Radical Cheap $1,000 homes Citi Backs Foreclosure Prevention ...

Financial Management – inflows and outflows

As 2009 gets started I wanted to start the series on Financial Management for Real Estate Investors. This is a critical piece of your success and it is what you need to build your foundation on.  If you are not operating with a sound Financial Management ...

Negotiation skills are very important to a Real Estate Investor

It is important for Real Estate Investors to have strong negotiation skills. Find out more on how to improve your skills.

The hot posts and news for the week will return the first week in January

Hot News and Tips will return in January

Have you seen the 60 minute presentation on the next wave of foreclosures

Watch the 60 minute news presentation on the next wave of foreclosures

Top News and Posts for the week ending 12/19/2008

Catch up on the hottest Real Estate News and Blog Posts for the week at the source for Real Estate Investors Real Estate Success Link

I hope you like free gifts

I came across something that other day that I found very useful and wanted to share it with you.  It is call 777 Self Help and it is a give-a-way that is going on from 12/19/2008 till 1/18/2009.  It is a give-a-way full of Self Help ...

Is Fannie entering into the rental business??

It looks like Fannie Mae has decided not to throw the renters out -- are they entering into the rental business ?

News and Blog Posts Week ending 12/12/08

Real Estate Success Link profiles the best and hottest news and blog posts for investors - check it out now

Did you hear that someone stole the Empire State Building

I wanted to share something with yout today that I came across the other day.  The Empire State Building was stolen - yes you read that correctly it was truly stolen.  The ownership was stolen. The New Your Daily News stole the building by drawing up ...

Setting SMART Financial Goals

I am sure that you have heard that you need to set S.M.A.R.T. goals as you have gone through life.  S.M.A.R.T. standing for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. I am sure that as Real Estate Investors most of you are setting S.M.A.R.T. goals in your ...

Top News and Blog Posts for the week ending 12-5-08

Get the latest hot news and blog posts in Real Estate

Multiple Streams of Income — Offer Credit Repair Services

As a Real Estate Investor it is critical to create multiple streams of income. One stream that can easily be integrated into what you are doing now is credit repair. Learn how to get started today

Are you creating multiple streams of income

As a Real Estate Investor are you focusing on creating multiple streams of income, both in Real Estate and in other interest areas or niches? Over the last couple of years several investors have suffered some severe ups and downs due to the changing market.  Many ...

Hot Posts and News for the Week ending 11/28/08

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying your long week-end.  If you were brave enough to face the traffic today on Black Friday I also hope that you were successful in getting the products you were looking for.  I lucked out, after ...

It looks like lenders are giving struggling home owners a break

As we approach the holiday season and the end of a year where foreclosuers have been through the roof it appears that some lenders are giving home owners a break. I have noticed over the last couple of weeks a lot of news coming out on ...

Hot Posts and News for the week ending 11/21/08

I hope you all had a fabulous week and were successful in your Real Estate Investing and other efforts to put your financial house in order and move to financial independence. Here are my top posts and news stories that I read this week and found ...

Have you been trying to keep up with the Jones’

In the past I shared some information on putting your financial house in order and how this is important to do and keep focus on.  In order to be a successful investor you need to have a strong foundation, both emotionally and financially. One way to ...

What would you tell a new investor to do to get started

I have been thinking a lot lately on what I would do differently in starting to invest and what I would tell new investors if the were thinking about getting started. In looking back I think the biggest change I would have made is to have ...

Top Posts and News of the week

Top News in Real Estate for the week as well as top blog posts

Some Top websites every Real Estate Investor should be aware of and be using

If you have been investing in Real Estate for any period of time I am sure that you have noticed that there are many more resources available to you today then there were several years ago.  The following is a list of some resources that as ...

Are you working with a homeowner with a Chase Mortgage?

If you are currently working with a homeonwer that has a Chase Mortgage on either a Short Sale or on a Loan Modification your changes of getting an approval may have just increased. On 10/31/2008 Chase announced that they are strengthening programs to keep families in ...

Here is a site you may want to bookmark – Real Estate Web 2.0 directory

I came across this site this morning that I wanted to share with you.  It is a site that offers a directory of several useful Real Estate Sites that are using Web 2.0 technology.  There were several sites listed that I have seen and used in ...

If you are a foreclosure investor you need this cheat sheet

Foreclosure investing is a hot topic right now and will continue to be so due to the current economy and the number of homes that are over leveraged and heading towards foreclosure. The following is a great guide of 100 Useful Resources that was originally published ...

Getting noticed is important in your Social Networking

I wanted to share this great post from Jeremiah Owyang’ s site today on how to get noticed. As you start using Social Networking in your business it is important to get noticed and start attracting others to you. He shares some great information on ...

Why you should be using Social Networking in your business

The other day I shared a video with you that provided a good overview of what Social Networking is and how it works. Today I want to begin to go a little more in depth into Social Networking, and why you need to be looking at ...

Fannie and Freddie were bailed out this week-end

I am sure by now you saw the news of what ocured this week-end….. The Government now owns Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If you haven’t here is a clip from the AP on what has happened: There are a lot of reactions on this event ...

Have you harnessed the power of Twitter?

Today I wanted to share some more information on Social Networking and share an article on Twitter that is posted at ars Technica  . The article is called Twitter: Far more than “what I had for lunch today”.  In reading it for me it just reinforced ...

Using Social Networking to build your Real Estate Business

If you have been on the internet for any period of time I am sure you have heard of Social Networking — but have you thought about how you can use this to build your Real Estate Investing business ? If you haven’t maybe now is ...

Fannie Mae To Open Satellite Offices To Liquidate Bank-Owned Properties : Strategies of the Condo Vultures®

I came across this blog post this morning and wanted to share it with you. It looks like Fannie Mae is working on liquidating some of the Bank-Owned Properties that it has at this time. It looks like Fannie Mae is getting ready to clean out ...

Control Your Cash Flow –

Happy Monday – From time to time I come across articles on the web that although may not be directly 100% related to working your business they are valuable. Here is one that I think is valuable and applies to not only people working a business ...

Putting your Financial House in order for today and tomorrow

I wanted to talk a little bit today about getting your financial house in order.  Over the past several weeks Ian (hubby), and I have been spending some time on doing this.  If you haven’t done this lately and kept a pulse on where you are ...

Some Positve News for the market

I wanted to share a bit of positive news today for the market. Unfortunately, over the last several months there has been a lot of doom and gloom over the housing market, unemployment, business conditions and other economic issues.  So — today it is time for ...

How the housing rescue bill can help you

Housing Bills are needed to deal with the number of foreclosures. Find out how the new housing bill can help you

Hundreds of Tips for Turning Your Financial Life Around

I found this article and wanted to share it with you.  Hundreds of Tips for Turning Your Financial Life Around

Where is the Market Really At

The up and down ride in real estate has been a wild one and makes it tough to determine where the market truly is. There are however some indicators that may help you determine a good idea what is going on in the market.

Vulture real estate investors swoop in – Jul. 2, 2008

Virtual Real Estate investing is something that is still alive and well and many are making a good living from this. Find out more today on how this is still a viable option for investing.

Shaq wants to help with your foreclosure

Do you know Shaq O'Neal? Well Shaq wants a piece of the action in the foreclosure market. Find out more about what he is doing to grab a piece of the pie.

This will help you move those fix-n-flips to first time home buyers

There are now relaxed rules that will allow you to move your fix and flips to first time home buyers - find out more

Some Market news for you

To stay up on the Real Estate Market it is important to keep a pulse on the Market News. Learn some of the latest news now.

Here is a resource for you with over 100 links to foreclosure investing info

Grab a great resource with tons of links on foreclosure information.

Do you have a horror story to share ???

Real Estate Investing can be a wonderful industry - but it does come with some risk. Lear of some horror stories that have impacted others and how you can learn from these mistakes.

Where Does Your Money Go? Tips and Tricks for Tracking the Flow

Understanding your money flow and where it goes is a critical step in getting a handle on your money and your wealth. Learn some tips and tricks to manage it better.

A site that every investor, agent and seller need to know about

Having the right tools as an investor or a real estate agent are critical to success. Here is a tool that everyone marketing properties should use.

A new tool for you to use along side Craigslist for finding Deals

Learn about a new tool to access Craigslist to find deals.

Are you taking advantage of the great deals out there ???

There are deals out there - it is time to find out how to find them and take advantage of them.

America’s Riskiest Real Estate Markets

Real Estate investing is a great way to build wealth but it does come with risk. Find out some of the riskiest markets so that you can manage your risk.

Why Short Sales

Learn why short sales are a good strategy to focus on for making money in real estate.

Getting Started with Debt Reduction

Debt elimination is a very important step to financial freedom. Learn some steps now to begin the path to debt reduction.

Subject-To Investing

Real Estate can be purchased many ways. One of those ways is subject-to, but what is subject-to? Find out more now in this post.

Getting your Financial House in Order

Getting your financial house in order is critical to be able to be successful as an investor. Find out some things you can do today to ensure that your house is in order and you set yourself up for success.

College Towns are a smart place to invest

Investing in College towns can be a great way to generate a lot of cash flow and have your properties pay for themselves over time.

Where is the best place to buy foreclosed property ???

Buying foreclosed properties can be very profitable - but knowing where to purchase them is important. This post gives some great insight on where to purchase

Do you understand what the credit crisis means

We are currently in a credit crisis they say, but what does that really mean and how does that impact you?

Denver-area market catching Steam

Denver Colorado was one of the first markets to hit the foreclosure crisis and may now be one of the first to come out of the crisis. Read more to find out if Denver is a market worth considering at this time

Know Your Credit Score

Knowing your credit score is a very important piece of being a successful investor and a good money manager. Real Estate can be purchased with poor credit, however having a strong credit score will make things much easier. The first step to having a strong credit score is knowing what your credit score is. How do I find out what my credit score is at this time? There are several sources that you can